Love Notes

It’s true. I’m a pretty lucky gal. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to facilitate growth for many people. And in return, I’ve been blessed with having my clients dote on me. I’ve also experienced the joy of connection with my community through sharing my authentic voice.

Amazing things happen when you give your authentic self to the world.

Scroll below to read some of the sweet love notes I’ve received and some of the ways in which I’ve been able to relate to my community.

Newsletter Love Notes from my weekly readers:

“I’m so glad you listened to your inner voice urging you to do this kind of work ‘cuz girl you are amazing at it!!!!”

“Awesomeness. Loved it. Read it. Shared it.”

“Great email Caitlin! I needed that reminder, came in at the right time for me!”

“I love your emails. Great material. Love to see smart women kicking ass. Keep it up!!!”

“You’re so wonderful and thank you so much for reading my mind today dear Caitlin. I love you so much. Always and forever!”

“Thanks Caitlin! Great reminder this morning.”

“Another great newsletter – I love getting these and I always share them with someone (different people each time) that I think will benefit from the topic discussed.”

“Impressive stuff Caitlin… So proud of you! Keep up the inspiring work… proud to have crossed your path in life. Bravo.”

“Your passion shines through all that you do and you definitely make an impact. You are a true inspiration.”

“I’m totally digging the sweet vibes you are putting out to the world!”

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Featured on the Love Bombers podcast.




   Named one of the best 100 Health Coach Blogs for 2015 by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.


Featured on The Mantoring Podcast for the series Inside The Feminine Mind.


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Featured as Fearless Woman of the week for Blue Labels Boutique.





Contributing writer for elephant journal.




Mentioned in
Vanity Fair Magazine for contributing a letter to the editor.





“I have been working with Caitlin for about 3 months now and this is one of the best investments I’ve made for my life and my business. I didn’t really understand the concept of a “life coach.” I’m in my late 20s and never considered seeking a life coach…until I spoke to Caitlin. She changed my entire mindset. Our very first session together, I loved! She discovered I had underlying issues that I did not know was affecting my life as well as my business. Caitlin was able to dig deep and uncover so much about me it was unbelievable. The coaching sessions with Caitlin are warm, caring, personal, comfortable and nonjudgemental. Her qualities allowed me to completely open up and be able to communicate what was going on in my life. Caitlin’s coaching style is very genuine! If you are an entrepreneur, please know that having Caitlin as your life coach is an investment in yourself and your business. Thanks to Caitlin I am able to create a life that I’ve always imagined for myself!

-Tamika Brown, Marketing Strategist at Simply Devise, Vineland, New Jersey

birds“Caitlin Winkley came into my life when I wanted to make a big change yet felt daunted by what direction to take. She taught me to make small yet meaningful changes that paved the way for me to begin to align with my true values. This new alignment of fearless authenticity in even the most mundane moments has started to open doors, leading to fresh ways of working with myself and the world. I was able to shift, and continue to do so in small steps; even micro movements. What I learned was lasting and significant change starts slowly, with consistent effort, this effort builds a solid foundation and from this place of rootedness you can move forward on solid ground. Caitlin guided me and celebrated with me each week as I cleared the way for a more true alignment with my work, my life and my values. Each week she sent carefully crafted session notes that I still review and find useful even now moths after working with her regularly. Caitlin is, and will continue to be a beacon of inspiration and guidance for me. I am so thankful that she is a part of my journey.”

-S.C., Graduate Student, Pacifica Institute, Carpinteria, California


julia gulia

I had an amazing coaching session with Caitlin Winkley yesterday morning. I’m feeling incredibly aligned and empowered. I feel really grateful for what I learned in it. She asked me several powerful questions that immediately cleared the haze of confusion I had been struggling in. The call began right after I had a very triggering experience and we jumped right in talking about the experience, sorting through all of it much more quickly than I would have thought possible. All day yesterday and since I’ve felt clear and empowered to accomplish what I want and especially empowered in my boundaries. I’m really, really grateful and wanting more.”

-Julia Emerald, Sex EducatorBoulder, Colorado 



“I am pleased to have the honor of endorsing and recommending Caitlin Winkley as a personal coach.  She is talented, quick, and insightful.  She is spectacularly tuned in to her surroundings, as well as to the thoughts, feelings, and inclinations of the people in her environment.  She is able to fine tune her intuition into practical awareness, and is able to translate her perceptions into pragmatic, measurable solutions which produce unparallelled results.  While she is conscious and mindful of the larger picture and the greater issues at hand, she can easily translate this greater awareness into innovative solutions.  She brings with her a positive energy that has a powerful effect on those who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her.

-Jennifer Watkins, Esq., Boulder, Colorado



“Caitlin has helped me jumpstart my new life with her thorough and insightful guidance. I gained new perspective on money and my life goals, which were followed by action, thankfully for our sessions. I’ve hesitated to see a life coach all my adult life, yet her beautiful presence made me interested to give it a try. I am so glad I got the chance to work with her! Since our sessions, my business took off all of a sudden, to my surprise, and creativity juices are constantly flowing! Thank you, Caitlin! I recommend her to all of you who’d like improvement in many areas of your lives.

-Julia Lunk, Fine Artist, Boulder, Colorado


“A single one hour coaching session with Caitlin opened my eyes to my blind spotsI don’t know how she did it I felt like she could see my future and point out potential stumbling blocks ahead of time. I applied what I learned from our discussion, and now my business is better than ever. My investment in Caitlin paid for itself, and then some, in no time flat. Thank you so much, Caitlin!”

-Laith Naayem, Licensed Acupuncturist, Newburgh, New York



“I have had my share of fearful thoughts, momentarily losing faith in the universe. Caitlin has been a miracle in my life. I have discovered my strengths and self-worth through our countless chats. She has inspired me to take action and challenged me to take risks. Caitlin is a strong support and has nurtured my personal growth. I feel honored and blessed to have her in my life, and to call her a friend.”

-Mala Kennedy, Founder of Mala Loves, Perth, Australia


“I would like to endorse Caitlin Winkley as a fantastic source of inspiration in my life. I have had a dream of taking my bodywork to my local area, but had no idea where to begin. Caitlin sat down with me, and in only three sessions, I had a website, marketing plan, and my first client! Every session I had with Caitlin I was blown away. If I stepped out to use the restroom, Caitlin would be writing down notes and use the quiet space within the session to plan for the rest of the session. She is very goal-oriented, but knows exactly how to start on step one, and then follow to completion, something that most people lack. She is more than qualified to help anyone get started on their goals, be they personal, professional or beyond. She is empathetic and genuinely cares for the success of her clients in a real way.

One of Caitlin’s strengths is her attention to detail. She has an eye for the things that people like me miss: how a sentence comes across as masculine or feminine, how an aesthetic appeal to different populations works, and the nuts and bolts of how to actually bring something in your mind into reality. Without her help I would have been lost. But thanks to her help, I am well on my path and I will not hesitate to call her again if I need help.

Don’t make the mistake of hesitating. Caitlin can and will help you. It would be enough to just have a conversation with her, because every time we met, the positivity that exuded from her in a genuine way was inspiring. She identified my key fears that were holding me back, and showed me how to turn them into goals, effectively becoming a clear mirror for where I was, without judgment or seeking to change me. In sum: she is amazingly effective and dedicated to her clients. That was more than obvious during my time spent with her.”

-David Bonilla, CMT and Acupuncturist at Two Trees Acupuncture, Charlotte, North Carolina

11053544_10153287865465700_3465015151556212033_n(5)Working with Caitlin on my business has been eye openingamazing and extremely helpful! Caitlin helped me get really clear with my words. Caitlin’s ideas about staying true to my vision while also making it marketable at the same time was awesome. I find her energy savvy yet relatable in terms of business coaching. I like her mix of being able to help with emotional stuff yet practical stuff as well.” 

-Soshy Adelstein, Certified Holistic Health Coach at Embody Nutrition, Boulder, Colorado



“A few things never cease to amaze me about Caitlin. First and foremost, she greets every day with a tremendous amount of positivity, always believing in the wonder and possibility each day holds. Secondly, she is fantastic at making the very best of any situation, no matter how challenging or unpleasant. Caitlin has such a love for life and it is apparent how much she truly enjoys enriching the lives of others. She is gifted at offering a different perspective while also being so supportive, kind and professional.

-Lindsey Prochazcka, Wine Sales Representative, Longmont, Colorado


“When interacting with Caitlin, it doesn’t take long at all to notice her optimism, love for life, and desire to help other people. Whether talking to her in person, over the phone, via email, or just soaking up the valuable info she puts out on her website and social network, it is easy to see her determination to have a positive affect on people’s lives. Add to that her professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit and you have a seriously great life coach and motivational speaker. In my opinion, everyone should consider her advice and philosophy on how to get the most out of life! I highly recommend Caitlin.

-Danielle D’Onofrio, Writer and Marketing Strategist, Cromwell, Connecticut


Caitlin has a very powerful gift and talent. Through her coaching she was able to open my eyes to things about myself that I never knew before. She was able to pinpoint exact blockages in my life. With her help, I was able to bust through the blockages and create different results. When I first came to Caitlin I was going through a challenging relationship. She helped me view my relationship from a different perspective and create a different kind of relationship. I am so glad I found Caitlin. Do yourself a favor and hire Caitlin as your coach. Working with Caitlin will change your life.”

-R.H., Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist, Boulder, Colorado